Smart home automation takes all of the technology in your home and connects it together in a meaningful way.

Imagine walking into a home that knows you and your habits — Your front door unlocks as you walk up to it, and your foyer lights up as you enter. The A/C was already programmed to turn on an hour before your arrival, so your home is the perfect temperature. In the living room, the music is playing and the fireplace has turned on–all programmed, all planned. That’s what home automation can do for you. Not only will it simplify your daily routines, it could save you time, energy, and money on utilities.

Automation Controls

Josh App Table for smart home automation in a connected home

Your lights come on when you want them to, for safety, security and convenience

Backlit Smart Mirror in Bathroom
Garage Door

Keep tabs on the kids or let the contractor in when you’re not home

Smart Heating and Cooling

Take control of your heating and cooling, all while saving money on your utility bill

Door Access Control for Smart Home Automation or Smart Office or Connected Home
Door Locks

Hands full while bringing in groceries? Have your doors unlock when you approach so that you can quickly get inside without setting down your bags.

Security Camera System for Smart Home, Smart Office, Connected Home
Water Leaks

Did a pipe break while you were asleep or away? Save your home with water leak detection

Kitchen in Smart Home With Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for smart home automation in a connected home and sustainable technology

Keep an eye on your property, your family, your life with our security cameras

Examples of Smart Home Automation

Smart Home with Josh Micro installed in Connected Home Join Connected Home Support Membership
Enter A Room

Lights turn on when someone enters the room and remain on until after the room is empty

Do people forget to turn off lights in your home? Occupancy sensors know when the room is empty or occupied!

Photos of a person pressing a home with several smart home symbols around it including a lightbulb, security camera, lock, music, audio, wifi, sun, faucet, leaf, gears, thermometer, clouds, automation, etc

Have the lights change color when the smoke detector is activated. 

No  matter if you’re deaf/hard of hearing, or even if you’re just wearing headphones, you will always know when there’s an emergency.

Smart Home with Electric Shades in Bedroom for a connected smart home, human centric lighting - open
Good Morning

Program lights to turn on when you wake up, and have your voice assistant give you the weather report for the day. As you leave for work, the front door will lock behind you.

Discrete Wireless Charging

InvisQi Hidden Wireless Charging

The charger is placed under your desk, counter, cabinet, etc

The long distance charger works through materials up to 30mm

InvisQi Hidden Wireless Charging
Universal Compatibility

Supports up to 10W of wireless charging with all Qi-ready devices

InvisQi Hidden Wireless Charging
Overcharging and Heat Protection

Internal safety switch protects your device while charging normally, and won’t activate with foreign objects


Let your employees charge their phones while they work and keep customers at the bar longer with hidden chargers.


Charge your phone and keep your desk clean.


Upgrade your suites with complimentary wireless charging solutions!


Charge while you cook, and keep your counters clean.


Charge at night, with no wires to accidentally pull when that alarm goes off.


Satisfy your or your customers battery anxiety with a clean technology solution.

Outdoor Lighting

Pool Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Audio

Indoor Audio

Whole Home WiFi

Electric Shades

Security Cameras


Wireless Charging

Start Having Peace of Mind 
With An Automated Home

Upgrade your Home or Office now

Brands We Offer

We have partnered with these manufacturers to provide the best products and services for our clients. 

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