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Smart Home Services and Technology

We offer many smart home services to help you design your dream home


Add some music and ambiance to your space. From meditation to dance party, an audio solution can help you feel at home.


Have peace of mind knowing that your home is taking care of you and your family automatically

DISH Solutions

Enjoy DISH television with integrations like Josh.ai, RTI, URC, Amazon Alexa, and more

Energy Management

Reduce your family's energy consumption with technology that reduces your utility bills

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling is the largest consumer of energy in your home. Technology can reduce the run-time of your HVAC system.

Home Theater

Whether you want to watch sci-fi movies or the daily news, the right TV can change the way you view your favorite content.


Lighting controls can reduce your energy consumption and save you time with long lasting LED light bulbs.


Is your network keeping up with all of the technology in your home? If not, it may be time to upgrade to something better.

Security and Video

Protect your family, pets, and property with cameras and security systems.

Financing Your Home Technology Project

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Commercial Technology Solutions

We offer smart building services to help your business upgrade its technology and save money


Don't sit in silence all day at work; audio can increase productivity, sales, and morale in the workplace


Reduce your reliance on employees and automate processes in your business

Digital Displays

Show your products and services on a digital display in your business. Whether it is inside or outside, we have displays for the job

DISH Solutions

Provide connectivity and entertainment to your residents and customers with DISH services.

Energy Management

Reduce your consumption of electricity, water, gas, and more with energy management solutions

Heating and Cooling

Stop leaving your HVAC running all of the time. Sync your system with business hours and save money


Good lighting can increase employee productivity and sales while saving money on energy usage


Business is online more than ever before; make sure your network is able to keep up with your growing business

Security and Video

Protect your employees, assets, and property with surveillance

Examples of Industries We Work With

Office Building

Spa / Yoga Studio


Co-Working Space


Food Service



Public Spaces

... and more!

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