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Why Work With Eco Smart Home Pros?

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Know Who You Work With

Each smart home partner will be assigned one team member to work with throughout each project, no more headaches wondering who to contact for questions and updates

Partner Program to Work With Eco Smart Home Pros
Make More Money

Increase the value of each project with no additional sales effort from your team, we can talk to the customer and help them decide what technology they want installed

Make More Money as a Partner of Eco Smart Home Pros
Safety First

We carry all necessary insurance and we hold our team to strict safety standards while on a job site; including proper protective equipment

Work with Eco Smart Home Pros
Professional Installation

Our team of expert installers will make sure that our technology is installed and programmed with zero interruption to your team

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Stand Out From Your Competition

Working with a smart home integrator to offer technology to your clients will increase customer satisfaction and provide a higher home value

Sustainable Technology in the Connected Home with Eco Smart Home Pros

We offer technology solutions that cover a wide range of price points, functionality, sustainability, and design

Work With Eco Smart Home Pros
Something for Everyone

We offer solutions for businesses and homeowners to create their dream space with the latest technology

New Home Construction with Eco Smart Home Pros

Partner With Eco Smart Home Pros

Builders & Contractors

  • Audio Distribution and Control Wiring
  • Video Distribution and Control Wiring
  • Home Theater Design and Installation
  • Wired and Wireless Network Wiring
  • Intercom Systems
  • Wired Lighting and Controls
  • Shade Solutions
  • IP Cameras
  • Access Controls Systems
  • HVAC Control
  • DISH Television and Fiber
  • RingCentral Phone Service

Our Smart Home Partner Program


Offer an additional employee perk with discounted services* for your team
*Cannot be combined with other discount offers

Training and Materials

We will provide you with flyers and materials to give to your clients, and we will help your staff with common points of conversation when talking about smart home technology


We will plan all of the technology needs and share that information with you and your team so that everyone is aware of project status

Customer Support

We will program and maintain the smart home system, leaving you to work on your next project


We have never been the cause of a failed inspection, so your project will not get held up because of us

Wiring Standards

We have updated wiring protocols based on industry standards from NAHB and CEDIA. You won't have wires run that will not be needed in the future; this saves you and the client money


We label every wire so you know if a wire is for networking, video distribution, control, etc; thus saving time and money

Diagrams and Schematics

Wiring plans and diagrams are available to you, the client, and our installers for proper planning and coordination

Work With An Experienced Smart Home Team

If you are a home builder, developer, landscaper, or other professional in a related industry, you have seen the rise in home technology and home automation. Demand for these products and services is growing, if you are not installing smart systems in your projects, you are missing out on a significant revenue source. 

Designing and programming a smart home requires time, money, and expertise that you may not have. There are also dozens of other challenges that you face on construction and renovation projects. The best way for you to add this technology to your projects is through a partnership with a smart home integrator. 

Save Money

Everyone knows the saying, “time is money.” When it comes to construction or remodeling, change orders cost money and time. Having to take down drywall that was already installed to run wires is something everyone wants to avoid.

"Time is money, friend."

The best method to avoid this issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. When you bring Eco Smart Home Pros in on the project during the early stages, we will work with you to achieve your customer’s vision while avoiding costly changes to the plan. This results in lower labor costs and decreased material expense because you won’t need to touch-up because of technology issues. 

Save Time

Let us handle the design aspect of the technology so that you can spend your time elsewhere. You have your own problems to deal with while working on construction, landscaping, etc. 

Let us handle that challenge for you so that you can focus on other aspects of the project. This way, you can use your expertise and put your time and energy into more productive means. 

Better Building

Everyone involved in creating a smart building, from architects and designers to the contractors and buyers wants to make a project look as good as possible. Partnering with an automation and technology specialist early on makes reaching that goal much simpler. 

Partnering with Eco Smart Home Pros as soon as possible gives us the opportunity to bridge the design and technology implements of your projects. When those ideas are discussed early in the process, it is easier to blend the technology and design without compromising either side. Everybody is happier and you have a smoother, cheaper project. 

Get To Your Next Job Faster

What if you could do a few more jobs each year?

Technology Design

All we need is the house plans and we can markup all of the technology needs so that everyone knows where wires are running and what needs to be terminated where

Increased Job Value

Increase your revenue from each job


We will handle the ongoing support of the technology so that you don't have to take phone calls on products that you do not service

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