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When To Involve Eco Smart Home Pros?

Involve Us Early

We can achieve the best results when we have the fewest constraints. Choices that you make early can limit AV/technology options. These choices include, but are not limited to; door locations, closet locations, electrical wiring, and pipe locations. The most cost-effective results are achieved when the project is still in the design phase. Once construction has begun, the cost of high performance rises. 

Common Questions We May Ask You

This list is to provide insight into our process. Your solution is custom, therefore our questions are customized to each client. Every project is different.

This helps us establish things like aesthetics, textures, and familiarity.

Each person in your family or workplace might use the space differently. We want to ensure that the solutions are right for everyone; and don’t interfere with their routines. 

This gives us an idea on your security needs when someone is not home.

This lets us know what products you’re already considering so that we can include them or make other recommendations. 

This gives us insight into what you already love about the space; and usually provokes thoughts of things you dislike too. 

In other words, is it quiet and comfortable when everything else stops? This sets a baseline, especially for things like lighting, ambiance, and acoustics.

This can include working, entertaining, watching media, relaxing, sleeping, etc.

Looking for Technology Inspiration?


Lighting in and around your home impacts your happiness, productivity, and safety.

Voice Assistants

Control your home with your voice; never touch a switch again to control your most used devices.

Wi-Fi / Networking

Today, everything is connected to the Internet. Make sure that your home is keeping up with the demands of your technology.


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Looking to upgrade your media experience for sports, news, or Netflix?


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