Sustainable Technology

Energy Management

Automated Lighting

With sustainable technology such as lighting controls, you can save energy and improve quality of life at home or work.

Octane Home Theater Seating for the Smart Home Connected Home Using Sustainable Technology


Energy saving controls can provide a comfortable visual environment

Smart Mirror in Living Room Off for Smart Home Connected Home Sustainable Technology

Save Energy

A standard light switch only saves energy in the ‘off’ position; Dimmers save energy 24/7

Pool technology solution with outdoor Lutron Lighting Controls and audio

Light Source

LED bulbs use less energy than their incandescent and halogen equivalents

Smart Home Bathroom with Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for the connected home

Green Certification

Our sustainable technology solutions can contribute to 46 of the 110 possible points in LEED v4

Modern office with hidden audio and lighting controls


Automated systems can control lights based on the natural light in the room or the time of day; without input from a person

Kitchen in Smart Home With Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for smart home automation in a connected home and sustainable technology

Extended Life

Dimmers reduce the heat produced by bulbs, which can result in up to 20 times longer bulb life; saving on replacement costs too

You could save this much energy by using these sustainable devices in your home or office.

Occupancy Sensors
Dimmers and Sensors

Water Management


Water Leaks

Leaks waste water and can lead to costly repairs, leak monitoring can save you money and headache later if the worst happens

Flooded Home Kitchen

Auto Shut-Off

If a pipe bursts while you are away from home, your home can automatically shut off the water

Leaking Pipe

Electric Shut-Off

Prefer to manually control your water valve? No problem, you can also control the water valve with your phone

Heating and Cooling

Smart Office and Smart Thermostat to control Heating and Cooling in Smart Office Connected Office Sustainable Technology

HVAC Energy

Heating and cooling is one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home and office; managing your system can save a lot of energy

Ecobee Smart Thermostat for Smart Home and Connected Home with Sustainable Technology


Install window and door sensors that shut off your HVAC when a window or door is open too long

Smart Heating and Cooling


Programming the thermostat is a simple way to save money on heating and cooling; our experts will learn your lifestyle and program your thermostat accordingly

Smart Home Bathroom with Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for the connected home

Curtains and Shades

Electric shades can open and close based on the weather outside and your target temperature; this can put less stress on your HVAC, resulting in savings

Kitchen in Smart Home With Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for smart home automation in a connected home and sustainable technology

Go Green With Technology

Automated Shades

Electric smart shades can help lower cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Which means, depending on the season, you could save 10% - 30% on heating and cooling costs.*

Shades help increase privacy and enhance security - while protecting furniture, fine art, rungs, and wood surfaces from harmful UV rays. This will extend the life of these items, saving more money.

* Lutron commissioned simulation by T.C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies, University of Pennsylvania, September 2008


Every time you dim the lights, you save energy. For example dimming the light by 25% saves about 20% of electricity and the bulbs will last longer too; adding to the savings.

Automated Light Savings

Dimming the lightsSaves electricityBulb last on averageAnnual Savings*
10%10%2-3 years$9.70
25%20%3-6 years$17.30
50%40%10+ years$30.00

* Actual savings may vary depending on use and application. Stated savings based on dimming (4) 75W incandescent reflector lamps (rated at 1500 hrs each, costing $1.75 per lamp or 3000 hour halogen bulbs costing $3.35 per lamp) by 50% (perceived light level corresponding to 40% reduction in power level) for 5 hrs per day with electricity cost of $0.104/kWh. To calculate your own savings visit

Occupancy / Vacancy Sensors

An occupancy/vacancy sensor turns lights on and off automatically based on whether someone is in a room or not; saving up to 20% lighting energy.* Therefore, a sensor is ideal for rooms where lights are left on unintentionally, such as a child's room or a break room.

* Impact Analysis: 2005 Update to the California Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings; California Energy Commission

Daylight Sensors

Daylight sensors automatically dim the lights when there is enough daylight coming into a room.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control helps save on heating and cooling costs. Setting back the temperature when a room is unoccupied can help you save up to 16% or more*


Small Appliances

Many electronics, such as A/V equipment, computers, and TVs continue to pull electricity even when they are turned off. This standby power can amount to up to 10% of a building's electricity usage.


Phantom Energy

Smart Outlets and Surge Protectors

Turn outlets on and off with your phone, tablet, or voice. If you do not want to have smart plugs sticking out of your wall we also offer in-wall outlets that can be controlled the same way.

Ghost Power

Ghost power refers to the electricity that devices use because they are plugged in, even when they are not being actively used

Restart a Device Remotely

If a device is not functioning properly while you are away, you can restart it with power cycling remotely

Traveling or Summer Homes

Control your appliances remotely to save on energy when you are not home. Perhaps you forgot to unplug the TV, now you can cut power from your phone

Ready to Go Green?

Start Saving Energy Now With Sustainable Technology

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