Laundry Jet

The Vacuum Powered Laundry Chute

Woman putting clothes into Laundry Jet Vacuum Powered Chute

What is Laundry Jet?

The Laundry Jet is the first vacuum powered laundry chute that transport laundry from any room with ports installed to the laundry room. Unlike a traditional laundry chute, this solution can be used in single levels homes and multi-level homes since it is not reliant on gravity to operate. 

This is a must-have solution for any individual or family looking for a convenient way to transport clothing to the laundry rom from any room in the home.

Benefits of Laundry Jet

Single Level Homes
Multi-Level Homes
Transport Up To 200ft
Industrial Options Available

How Does It Work?

To use the Laundry Jet system, simply open the nearest port to activate the system. Using the open port, feed dirty clothes, bed sheets, and even damp towels into the hole to be transported to the laundry room. The system turns on when the port is opened and deactivated when it is closed; conserving power and energy. 

The noise produced from the system is barely louder than a whisper so it does not interrupt your daily home activities. Ports can be installed at various heights for accessibility, making it user friendly for the needs of anyone in the home. 

Laundry Jet Plus for Vacuum Laundry System
Laundry Jet Plus

The Laundry Jet Plus integrates seamlessly into any custom laundry room design and is the top-of-the-line model in regards to style, capacity, and number of ports supported. 

It can be installed inside your own custom cabinetry to maintain the overall aesthetic in your laundry room while offering the maximum benefits of a vacuum powered laundry chute. 

Laundry Jet Swift

Laundry Jet Swift is the entry-level model that is wall mounted and supports up to four ports. It’s unique style, easy viewport, and glossy finish adds a futuristic feel to any laundry room. 

Laundry Jet Swift for Vacuum Laundry System
iSense Port for Laundry Jet Vacuum Laundry System
iSense Port

The Laundry Jet iSense Port is the latest automatic port design for hands-free use. It is simple, easy to use, and offers auto-open and auto-close functionality. 

Slide Port

The Laundry Jet Slide Port is the manual option. It is aimed as an economic entry level port while offering easy to use, manual open functionality. 

Slide Port for Laundry Jet Vacuum Laundry System
Return Unit for Vacuum Laundry System
Return Unit

All systems are compatible with the Return Unit. It can be installed in a bedroom, closet, or other room where you prefer clean laundry to be returned to. After the laundry is clean, feed the laundry into the open port and clean laundry will be transported to the Return Unit. 

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