Pro Tips

Network Security

Keep your system up to date, make sure to continuously update the system.

We offer a service plan so that you don't have to worry about your network updates.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to refer to the many devices that connect to the Internet now.

These items include: voice assistants, Lighting, smart HVAC, media steaming boxes, cameras, and more!

Good Backbone

Make sure that your home or office is prepared with the proper wiring and Wi-Fi coverage for now and the future.

It is recommended to have as many products plugged in as possible to reduce network issues on WiFi.

Future Proof

If you are building, we recommend that you wire the home with advanced technologies so that it is ready as you add more technology.

The cost of running wires before drywall is up is significantly less than trying to run wires on a finished home or office.

Access Points

We recommend access points over range extenders because access points create a seamless experience for everyone on your network without slowing it down.

Know the Limits

Know what your network is capable of so that you can avoid frustration later. As more devices are added to the home network, it can slow down. Knowing that limit is helpful when it is getting time to upgrade.

Cable Running and Termination

Fiber Optic Cable for Fast Internet
Fiber Optic

For the fastest transmission of data, fiber optic cable is the way to go. It is lighter, more flexible, less bulky, and carries more data

Rackmount LED console in server room data center - 3d illustration
Cat 5e

Good for most projects, this cable balances cost with capability

Fiber optic connecting on core network swtich
Cat 6

Faster than Cat 5e, this cable is good for networks with high demand

Worker wiring LAN cable at construction site. Unfinished Installation network system.

We make sure that the cables are labeled and organized, for easier support and troubleshooting

hand of system administrator with network cable connected to patch panel of network gigabit switch and crimping pliers tool

Is your network keeping up?

Upgrade your Wi-Fi now

Brands We Offer

We have partnered with these manufacturers to provide the best residential and commercial smart home products and services for our clients. 

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