Electric Smart Shades

Smart shades can save you money on energy bills and make a more comfortable home or office environment

Indoor Smart Shades

Smart Home Bathroom with Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for the connected home


We offer many style and color options for your shades or drapes; we have something for any room decor

Kitchen in Smart Home With Lutron Lighting Controls and Smart Shades for smart home automation in a connected home and sustainable technology


Turn off your lights and use the natural light from outside to brighten your room

Modern Industrial Smart Home with Lutron Lighting and Smart Shades


All of our smart shades are custom ordered for your home; making sure that they are the perfect size and style for your home or office space

Smart Home with Smart Shades in Bedroom for a connected smart home - closed

Save Money

Electric shades can be programmed to open and close to control the temperature of your home without the need for turning on your forced air HVAC system

Smart Home with Electric Shades in Bedroom for a connected smart home, human centric lighting - open


We offer wired or battery powered shades; meaning we can upgrade your home without needing to run a bunch of wires

Smart Home with Lutron Lighting Controls, Smart Shades, Electric Shades, and HVAC Controls, Heating and Cooling Controls

Commercial Options

Save time by having your business shades automatically open during operating hours and close at the end of the day; that’s one thing to remove from the checklist

Outdoor Smart Shades

Outdoor Patio Electric Shade Bug Screen

Enjoy the View

With a wide selection of shade options, you do not have to lose the view from your deck

Smart Home with Smart Shades on Patio

UV Light

Reduce the amount of damaging UV light on your patio with electric shades; this can protect your skin and your furniture from the harmful rays

Smart Home Patio with Smart Shade

Insect Control

Reduce the number of bugs on your deck with an electric bug screen

Electric Shade
Brands We Offer

We have partnered with these manufacturers to provide the best electric shades and accessories for our clients. 

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Balance your lighting with natural light and artificial light

Outdoor Solutions

Shades, bug screens, audio, and TVs; there's options to keep you safe and entertained outdoors

Heating and Cooling

Shades help to insulate your windows, helping to conserve the energy needing to heat and cool your home