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Theater room in luxury home with wide screen


There are several options when it comes to the screen in your media room. We can discuss the differences between a projector and a television in your theater.


Not only do theater rooms need good speakers, they should be acoustically planned to provide the best sound.


We offer several theater seating options to make your room more comfortable while you snack and watch a movie.


Lighting can change the theater experience, we can help set the movie scene with our many lighting options.

Get More Out of Your Room

Traditional home theaters have been built with only movies in mind. That meant that the rooms had no windows or big, heavy window treatments. This is not ideal when space in limited in the home.

Today, there are better options so that rooms can have multiple purposes. They can still focus on media, but the space can offer much more.

With a bar or kitchenette, you can use the space to entertain and have soft music playing in the background with comfortable seating for people to relax.

Perhaps, you prefer to workout or meditate in privacy. Instead of another row of seating, leave a flat surface to put your workout equipment and enjoy high quality audio and video while you exercise. 

We also offer solutions to hide the TV in the wall, ceiling, or table. This helps keep the natural feel of the room and can protect your TV from accidental bumps or dirty hands. 

Home Gym

Instead of another row of seating, we can leave open space for a treadmill, bike, or other workout equipment. Now you can use the audio system to listen to your music or even watch the television.

Mini Bar

Add a mini bar to the room to have quick access to drinks and snacks while you entertain guests.


Use your room to game comfortably, whether you prefer PlayStation, Xbox, or PC; we offer solutions to bring your gaming to the big screen.

Yoga / Meditation

Similar to the home gym, you can leave space to practice your daily meditation in a quiet and serene environment.


Octane Seating

Bring the VIP seats of a theater into your home television experience

Octane Seating

Built in cupholders and tables make it easy to have snacks ready to munch

Octane Seating

Effortlessly recline with a motorized seat

Octane Home Theater Seating for the Smart Home Connected Home Using Sustainable Technology

Charge your phone or tablet with the built in USB ports

Octane Seating

With many fabric choices, we have a seating solution to match any decor

Octane Seating

Store the remote, gaming controllers, and more in the convenient arm storage

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