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Our knowledgable team can help you design and build your dream smart home or office space.

Eco Smart Home Pros was officially founded in 2013 but has its roots in Steven Donley’s childhood, when he first found his love of technology and programming. As a teen he could be found making improvements to the management software for his father’s dental practice, and  from there he helped teach his 8th grade programming class and writing several of his own programs. After managing a successful computer business in the ‘90s he went back to college. In 2013 he founded Donley Computer Services to use his experience and knowledge about the dental field to ensure that his clients’ practices were secure and complying with HIPAA regulations. Despite the success of this venture, Steven still felt called to get back into  programming and design work, and he started to shift the business to home automation. Over the 2019-2020 year he worked on 6 figure projects, while having no employees, and realized it was time to find some help.  Fortunately for him, his son Steven had recently graduated with his MBA from NMU and was seeking new opportunities to put his business acumen to use.  It was in this partnership that Eco Smart Home Pros was founded. 

Though the business is headquartered in Muskegon, MI, the business has strong ties to the Upper Peninsula, with two employees being native Yoopers and three out of the four employees being students or alumni of Northern Michigan University. Eco Smart Home Pros has a satellite office in Marquette, MI and is dedicated to bringing its principles of happier and more eco-friendly homes and workspaces to the U.P.

Our Mission

Help people live and work happier, safer, and more sustainably with technology

The Team

CEO / President

Steven Sr. is the founder of Eco Smart Home Pros and his love of computers/programming leads him to be involved in a hands-on way with every project the company takes on. He has loved working with computers and tech since he was about 8 years old and has been in the computer/programming field in some capacity for most of his career. When not working, Steven enjoys attending comic conventions, traveling, and leatherworking. 


Steven Donley, MBA, is the man behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly. He has a Masters of Business Administration from Northern Michigan University. His goal is to efficiently manage projects and his staff to ensure client satisfaction. He has had a hand in the business world for several years, founding a handmade leather goods business in 2015, and has several years of other retail and management experience. He enjoys traveling to comic conventions and has gotten the opportunity to meet a wide variety of actors, musicians, and business leaders.

Technology Consultant

Mike is our intrepid Technology Consultant, and the contact for current and prospective clients. He is an alumnus of both Ripon College and Northern Michigan University with degrees in Forensic Anthropology, World Religions, and Cinematography. A self-described nerd, Mike is passionate about technology, and his goal at ESHP is to translate the intricacies of smart home technology into real world applications for your home and business. He primarily works out of the satellite office in Marquette, Michigan. In his free time you can find him working on or riding his motorcycle, drinking massive amounts of coffee, and DMing (being a Dungeon Master) for multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Technology Specialist

Zachary is one our field technicians, and our man on the ground to install and program the audio, video, networking, and home automation systems for our clients’ homes and businesses. He grew up in the Upper Peninsula, has over eight years of technician experience, and is an alumnus of Northern Michigan University. Outside of work, Zachary loves playing his guitar, reading sci-fi novels, and watching horror movies.

Technology Specialist

William is just happy to be here. A Gwinn native, he’s enjoyed working with technology since he was 7, voraciously taking things apart to see how they worked, and then determinedly putting them back together again. Not surprisingly his tech skills have advanced since the age of 7, and he’s putting them to good use as ESHP’s newest technician, assisting our lead technician with installation and programming.  His hobbies include spending time with his 2 kids, playing in DnD campaigns, and reading Star Wars books.

Our Values


We are committed to a positive environmental impact that decreases reliance on fossil fuels for energy and promotes connections with nature.

Social Equity

We are committed to achieving equity, opportunity, and justice for communities that have been historically marginalized.


We provide technology solutions to businesses and residents to increase innovation and retention for long term growth in the community.

Technology and The Human Condition


Being present in the moment; through meditation, watching media, connecting with friends and colleagues, and having access to information on the Internet.


Being physically comfortable in the moment; such as temperature, air quality, sound, or even how you interact with technology (voice, buttons, etc).


Health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Including sleep cycles, exercise, diet, and more.


Being safe and secure. Including a perimeter alarm system with cameras, to assistive living technologies allowing those with cognitive or physical impairment to live sage and dignified independent lives.


Sustainability is our duty to future generations; including energy management to product materials, life cycle, and packaging.