Televisions & Displays

Indoor Televisions


Television Brands

We offer several brands of televisions to match your home design or preferences 

Samsung TV


We can help you find the right size TV for your space



Don’t forget to add a soundbar or surround sound system to elevate your viewing experience


Professional Installation

We offer a TV mounting service, so you don’t need to lift a finger

LG NanoCell TV for the Smart Home and Connected Home

Outdoor Televisions

Outdoor TV in Cold Weather


From sports to sci-fi, you can watch all of your favorite games, movies, and shows from the comfort of your deck or patio

Outdoor TV 3

Weather Resistant

Put a TV by the pool, fire pit, or deck; it can handle it

Outdoor TV 1

Bright or Dark

Whether you put the TV in the sun or in the shade, we have TVs that you can see in any condition

Mirror TVs

Smart Mirror in Hospitality Hotel Public Bathroom


When the TV is turned off, it looks like a mirror

Smart Mirror in Bathroom

Reflect Your Style

There are many mirror TV options to match the design of your home

Smart Mirror in Bathroom

Stay Up-to-Date

Watch the morning news while you get ready in the morning; or watch your favorite TV show while in the bath

Smart Mirror in Living Room Off for Smart Home Connected Home Sustainable TechnologySmart Mirror in Living Room On

Professional Installation

We can help select a mirror TV that works for your space and mount it with proper ventilation

Backlit Smart Mirror in Bathroom


Epson Projector

Go Big

Are you looking for a screen bigger than 85 inches?

A projector may be the best option

Screen Innovations

Home Theater

Recreate the theater experience in the comfort of your home

Epson Projector in School or Hybrid Workplace


Choosing the right screen is important to get the most out of your projector’s capabilities




Vestaboard is a captivating focal point and a shared messaging experience for the whole room



Bring people together and create connections amongst team members or family



You can control Vestaboard with your phone or computer, anywhere in the world


Home or Work

Vestaboard will enhance any space and change up the day with words that move



Vibe Smartboard Meeting Presentation in Conference Room with Connected Technology and Work From Home


Work with your team, no matter where they are

Vibe Smartboard Presentation in Conference Room with Smart Board Connected Technology


Take your conference room to the next level with a digital whiteboard, display, or video conference

Vibe Smartboard Engineering Collaboration for the Office and Work From Home

Wow Factor

Impress customers, colleagues, and partners with a smart display in your space

Television Accessories

Upgrade your experience with unique accessories

TV Mounts

Wall Mount TV

Wall Mount

This is the normal way to mount a TV in the home

Nexus 21 Mount 1Nexus 21 Mount 2

Ceiling Mount

More common in commercial spaces, but still done in homes too

Nexus 21 Ceiling Mount


Step up your mount with a motorized mount that can be adjusted without leaving the couch

Outdoor Television by Pool in connected home, smart home - downOutdoor Television by Pool in connected home, smart home - up


These mounts hide your TV in the ceiling, table, or floor; completely invisible to anyone in the room

Nexus 21 Mount HiddenNexus 21 Mount Shown


Octane Seating


Bring the VIP seats of a theater into your home television experience

Octane Seating


Built in cupholders and tables make it easy to have snacks ready to munch

Octane Seating


Effortlessly recline with a motorized seat

Octane Home Theater Seating for the Smart Home Connected Home Using Sustainable Technology


Charge your phone or tablet with the built in USB ports

Octane Seating


With many fabric choices, we have a seating solution to match any decor

Octane Seating


Store the remote, gaming controllers, and more in the convenient arm storage

Ready to step up your media room?

Upgrade your Viewing Experience now

Display and Accessory
Brands We Offer

We have partnered with these manufacturers to provide the best products and services for our clients. 

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Pair your television with great audio


Make sure your room has the right lighting to avoid reflections and glare; while creating a relaxing atmosphere

Home Theater

Take your television experience to the next level with a private theater; perfect for watching your favorite content