Smart technology is such a fun addition to any home or office for so many reasons — but the fact that it’s an accessible option for anyone, regardless of their specific needs or geographic location, is pretty exciting. 

There are really only three things you’ll need to convert your home or office into a smarter version of itself: a wireless internet connection and network, the smart device, and a smart home system that connects and allows you to control the devices. 

Eco Smart Home Pros has been helping individuals, families, and businesses of all shapes and sizes across the state of Michigan to convert their not-so-smart dwellings and workspaces into smart-hubs of the future for more than thirty years. Because, despite how user-friendly the end result might be, properly building a smart home or office’s infrastructure is no simple feat! It often requires the foresight, planning, and installation expertise of a smart home tech specialist.

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Providing a Wide Selection of Affordable Smart Home Systems Across West Michigan

It seems like everyone has some form of smart technology in their home these days. Whether they’ve invested in a Ring doorbell, an Alexa voice assistant device, or a Nest smart thermostat, these ingenious devices are radically transforming the way we live in our homes all around the greater Grand Rapids area. 

Smart home technology seamlessly automates those perky everyday tasks like opening up the shades or blinds, turning on lights around the house, or turning up the volume on the music. It’s a convenience that simplifies what you need to do when you’re home and gives you more time to actually relax. Plus, efficiency is the name of the game with smart tech! 

And smart technology is an incredible asset for granting accessibility for all ages — aging individuals or those with physical disabilities can now more easily access their home, offering complete control right at their fingertips. Optimize the way your house works to keep you comfortable and safe without all the hassle of hiring extra help. 

Here are some easy ways you can introduce smart technology into your home this summer:

  • Swap out those energy-sucking halogen bulbs for smart LED lighting. Not only will you save a lot of energy (and money on that monthly electric bill) but you’ll also be able to forget about changing them for years!
  • Use smart thermostats to regulate the temperatures in your home, no matter the season. Plus, you can control how often your heating and cooling system runs remotely from your smartphone or smart device.
  • Install a self-monitored smart security system to keep an eye on things at home via your smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

Changing the Way Businesses Can Leverage Their Smart Technology Solutions in the Greater Grand Rapids Area

Any business owner will tell you that they’re always looking for new ways to optimize their business’ performance and overall efficiency. One easy way to achieve this is with the help of smart technology. 

By investing in creating a smart building or office, you can utilize automated technology to run those everyday business processes, like lighting, security, heating and cooling systems, etc. Each of these WiFi-connected smart systems are instrumental in optimizing the workspace’s overall efficiency, safety, and security. And does your business care about Green Certification? Our sustainable smart technology options can contribute to 46 out of the possible 110 points in LEED v4. 

Beyond creating a more effective workplace, you’ll also find a variety of other benefits — namely cost savings, reduction of waste, and an increase in productivity levels. 

Eco Smart Home Pros Tip: Are you a Grand Rapids business owner who’s ready to upgrade your office space with smart technology? Here are six ways smart building tech can transform your commercial space in the East Grand Rapids, Grandville, Grand Haven, or Holland areas. 

Proudly Headquartered in Michigan

Did you know that Eco Smart Home Pros is headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan? This allows our team of tech experts to easily access, design, install, and manage client smart technology all across the Mitten, including in the Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Beltline, and Wyoming areas.

One thing that’s important to note is just how crucial it is to integrate a smart technology framework during the design stage. This will allow you to see how your budget, space, and specific needs and desires all align, and can select the right technology to fit your home or office space. Learn more about how our design services work. 

Eco Smart Home Pros Helps You Make the Smart Decision for Your Home or Business

As your trusted West Michigan and Upper Peninsula smart home integration team for more than thirty years, Eco Smart Home Pros wants to help you make your smart dreams a reality. Our specially-designed custom approach will ensure that all of your smart systems will work well together and can be easily and remotely managed from your smart devices. 

Let our certified programmers, installers, and computer networking specialists plan the perfect workspace for your business – so you can work smarter, not necessarily harder, to see the results that matter. Send us a quick message and let’s get started.