Here's How Digital Displays & Smart Boards Can Benefit Your Business

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we learn, work, and play — for the better in many situations! One area that has seen vast improvement in recent years, all thanks to technology’s helping hand, is the education system. In many classrooms today you’ll see older whiteboards and chalkboards have been replaced with tech-enabled digital displays and interactive smart boards. These smart displays have literally changed the way we teach and learn — and now, many businesses are looking to adopt similar technology into their conference rooms.

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What’s a Digital Display?

A digital display is a device intended to display copy or visual content using electronic screens, projection, television, computer video monitors, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), light-emitting diode (LED) displays, or other electronic equipment. In some situations, screen projectors are used to project images onto a blank space. 

These are commonly used in homes, business, restaurants, and other commercial spaces to advertise and display media for viewers in an attractive way. 

What’s an Interactive Smart Board?

An interactive smart board or interactive white board is a digital display that is also receptive to touch, so you can write and move things around via the screen itself. These interactive displays work when you connect a personal computer or laptop via an HDMI cable, projecting what is on the computer screen to a larger area. It acts like a whiteboard in that it reacts to user input either directly on the smart touchpad projector screen or through another device. 

Understanding What Type of Display Works Best For Your Business or Classroom 

When it comes to deciding what type of digital display makes the most sense for your business or classroom’s needs, there are a few important questions you’ll need to answer. Here are some things to consider as you do your research into the various options available.

What location will this be used? 

Not all smart displays are suitable for every environment. For example, if you’re looking to use this digital display in an outdoor space, you’ll need to be sure it’s capable of weathering the elements over time. 

What capabilities does it need to have?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of smart boards and interactive displays available, so it’s really important to narrow down the level of capabilities you expect yours to have. Do you just need a static screen projected onto a larger surface, or do you want it to be touch-reactive? 

Who will be using this piece of tech?

In addition to defining the capabilities you want your digital display to have, it’s also important to consider who exactly will be using this piece of technology on a regular basis. Is it just one person or a small department, or a larger group of students. Will these users be onsite when they use it or calling in virtually? Each of these considerations could change what you’re looking for. 

What’s the learning curve on new tech for your staff?

Once you’ve identified who will be using your digital displays, it’s time to determine what the learning curve will be on this new technology. Are your users already fairly tech-savvy or will they need specialized training to gain the hands-on experience this type of investment requires? 

Will you need someone to install & train your team on the new tech?

Much like the question above, you’ll need to determine how much initial help you’ll need during the installation process. Like all big investments, there is a learning curve to ensuring the smart board is properly set up and calibrated in your space, and this cost will likely come in addition to the purchase price of the technology itself. 

Benefits of Using a Smart Board For Your Classroom & Business Needs

Now, don’t let these considerations intimidate you right off the bat: interactive smart boards and displays are revolutionizing the way businesses and educational institutions work in the twenty-first century. There are so many positive benefits to upgrading your old, manual chalkboards and whiteboards with tech-ready displays, including: 

Collaborative Activities Encouraged

No more lifeless PowerPoint presentations or hastily, illegible notes. Everyone, including those who are physically in the meeting room and those who are calling in virtually, can fully participate in a presentation and offer real-time feedback and edits. 

Workaround for Remote Employees and Students

It seems like more and more of the workforce is working remotely these days, which is why it’s especially important for businesses to be flexible. Similarly, college and university classrooms are adopting more online teaching formats to offer students flexibility. 

Smart boards make it that much easier to conduct meetings of all sizes, with both in-person gatherings and hybrid or remote work coming together in one place, from all around the world. 

Make Real Changes in Real Time

Stop relying on hastily scribbled notes on print-off of the presentation to make those all-important changes before it goes up the chain of command for review. Instead, allow all parties to make real-time edits and updates in the document itself, carefully tracking these changes to ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the next step in the process!

No More Markers Drying Up and Giving Out

What’s worse than finally getting everyone’s attention at the front of the room, only to have that very last dry-erase marker totally give out? While this might seem humorous at the moment, being ready to jump right into a project is crucial to its success, so stop wasting time running around, looking for a writing utensil, and start brainstorming with your new, interactive digital display!

Work with the Smart Technology Experts

Eco Smart Home Pros have over thirty years of experience in the programming and technology space, so when it comes to discovering the right tool for your business or classroom’s needs, we’re a great resource to start with! 

Whether you need insight into the best technology available on the market today, installation and training options, or are just looking for a few questions to be answered, our team of dedicated experts are always here to help. Learn more about our commercial technology solutions and how these services can help your business save time and money in the long run!

If you’re interested in learning more about upgrading your business’ or classroom’s digital displays, let’s schedule a complimentary call to get things started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best interactive whiteboard for business?

There are quite a few digital whiteboards available in the market today, so it’s important to understand what exactly your business is looking for in its digital display. 

Where will this digital display be housed — indoors or out? Will your team use it to mirror their laptops or tablets or will it be used interactively and need writing or drawing features? Are you expecting a large team to want access to the digital smart board all at once or will it be used by a smaller group of individuals? Once you’ve narrowed down these specifications, do some research with a buying guide to find the perfect interactive display that will meet all of your business’ needs. 

What does an interactive smart board do?

An interactive smart board, also known as an interactive whiteboard, is an electronic tool that was once exclusively used in the classroom to allow a computer screen to be mirrored on a larger screen using a digital projector. Now, these interactive smart boards are found anywhere learning and collaboration is happening — including boardrooms and office settings. 

A smart board uses touch detection for user input, much like you would use a touch computer screen, to edit, browse, and collaborate on projects and meetings — but instead of using a mouse, these touch screens are enabled to work with your fingers!

How much does an interactive smart board cost?

Although the cost of a smart board will vary depending on the brand, capabilities, and size, interactive digital displays can range anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 for a high quality product. 

What is the difference between a smart board and an interactive whiteboard?

A smart board typically refers to a device that enables you to mirror your computer screen via a projector. An interactive whiteboard or interactive smart board is a projector device that is also enabled with touch functionality, so you can edit, browse, and collaborate with others in real-time, all via the touch of your fingers or a stylus on the large display screen. 

How do I get my smart board to be interactive?

If you want to invest in an interactive smart board or whiteboard, it’s important to make sure that the screen has touch capabilities. You may still need to troubleshoot your interactive whiteboard to calibrate it and get it to work properly, so be sure to refer to the user manual for those specific directions.