What Exactly Does It Mean to be "Eco-Smart"?

It’s no secret that the world as we know it is changing every single day. Climate change is becoming a stronger topic of conversation as is our awareness around ways that we as individuals must step up to protect our natural resources and environment.

But when it comes to incorporating an eco-smart approach to our day-to-day routines, how can the growth of smart technology play a role?

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Defining “Eco-Smart”

The word “eco-smart” is designed to actively manage and reduce its impact on the environment in a smarter way. It’s something that takes environmental concerns into consideration and then finds a way to address, manage, and ultimately work toward a resolution for them. 

Here at Eco Smart Home Pros, we are committed to a positive environmental impact that decreases our reliance on fossil fuels. We want to find new ways to promote a deeper connection with nature. And we want to leverage the world of smart technology to make our lives as green as they can possibly be. 

How Smart Technology Intersects with the Environment

Amidst growing environmental concerns, we see smart technology as vital to crafting a greener future. Smart home technology allows us to automate, monitor, and adjust things around our homes in order to optimize their usage and save energy wherever we can. 

Here are some common ways we see smart technology making a real difference in both our homes and our office spaces.

Energy Efficiency & Savings

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to investing in creating an eco-smart home or smart office is to optimize energy usage. One of the fastest and easiest ways to lower energy consumption is by switching your old incandescent bulbs to smart LED bulbs. 

Not only do these LED lights already increase your home or office’s energy efficiency right off the bat, but their smart lighting technology also enables you to control whether they are turned on or off from anywhere, remotely. Integrate some home automation schedules around your typical habits to have them go on and off automatically, or use smart sensors to detect when to turn things on. 

Consider upgrading your electrical panel to work smarter with Savant Power Systems. Savant is known to bring intelligence into the electrical panel without adding unnecessary complexity for homeowners by managing a variety of power resources such as solar, battery, and back-up generator power. Plus, these smart power systems are able to deliver energy efficient solutions that extend throughout the entire home, from top to bottom. 

Eco Smart Home Pros is proud to partner with Peninsula Solar and Agathon Solar to get these power resources connected to your other smart home automation systems for total control. 

Less Water Consumption

Smart technology offers essential solutions to efficient water management, particularly in the home. For example, an easy option to start is by installing a smart showerhead to reduce the amount of water wasted during a single shower. 

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, household water leaks have accounted for about a trillion gallons of water wasted every year? In response to this shocking statistic, you can easily add smart water leak sensors to your pipes to ensure you aren’t missing any major water leaks or issues happening out of sight. Not only will this cut back on major water loss, but it can also help prevent bigger damage to your home than if it goes undetected. 

Reduction of Heating & Cooling Waste

Temperature regulation is such a key element to reducing waste in your home and office environment. Depending on the type of smart thermostat you upgrade to, it can either be programmed to follow a set schedule or can sense what’s going on in its environment and adjust settings as needed. You can even set weekday and weekend schedules to turn things off when no one is using the space. Plus, smart thermostats are able to be controlled remotely, so you can turn things off even if you’re nowhere near the physical thermostat. 

Sustainable Solutions with Natural Lighting

Believe it or not, smart blinds are a great way to keep your home both hot and cold, depending on the time of year. Blinds, drapes, and window treatments are all effective options for keeping things hot or cold indoors, depending on the type you select. 

For example, setting up your smart blinds to open during peak hours of sunlight during the colder months will help naturally heat your home. Similarly, setting them to close during those same bright hours when the weather warms up will help keep your home’s environment that much cooler. Leverage the sun’s energy resources to help keep things comfortable around your home or office, all year long.

Smart Management & Data Collection

Smart technology is a great way to gain control of your home or office regardless of where you are, anytime. 

Smart automation programs and technology also collect valuable data about your habits and environment and can help you optimize the way you live, work, and play when you dive into the information. Smart tech is helping us to be more informed and aware of how our everyday decisions impact the environment. Now we can take that knowledge and make educated decisions moving forward. 

Let Eco Smart Home Pros Help You Take the Next Step

With more than thirty years of experience in programming and technology, we here at Eco Smart Home Pros believe that technology can be the answer to helping you live a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life.

Whether you’re looking to bring your vision for an eco-smart space to life or just testing the waters to see what smart tech might make your house feel more like a home, we’re here to help you find the answers to your questions. Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do smart offices affect the environment?

A recent study by McKinsey shows that organizations that have implemented active sustainability strategies are able to make long-term investments — and those who fail to do so are likely to encounter major business losses in the future. 

There are easy ways you can get started with making your office more eco-friendly. Read more. 

What is smart technology exactly?

Smart technology connects various pieces of technology, systems, and networked devices that can be controlled through a smart device. Learn more about why smart home technology is important.

How does smart home technology make a home more sustainable?

Making your home greener with eco-friendly home improvements is one way in which we can give back to the environment, and smart home technology plays a key role. By automating functions and systems within your home, you can reduce and control your energy usage and waste.

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