Pool & Spa Solutions


Modern villa with colored led lights at night

Proper pool lighting will increase safety of the people in the pool; colored lighting solutions take it one step further and creates an experience

Pool technology solution with outdoor Lutron Lighting Controls and audio

Add audio to your pool time with waterproof speaker options

Outdoor Television by Pool in connected home, smart home - upOutdoor Television by Pool in connected home, smart home - down

Watch your favorite content while hanging out in your pool or hot tub with a television 

Origin Acoustics Speaker in Flowers
Endless Options

From multi-colored RGB lighting to fiber optic stars at the bottom of the pool; we have a solution to help you design your team pool

Outdoor Pool Star Lighting in connected home

Spa and Sauna

Beautiful couple relaxing in SPA sauna room.

Dimmed warm light can lead to a more romantic or relaxed environment

Beautiful spa composition on massage table in wellness center
Don't Lift A Finger

Use a voice assistant to control your experience without needing to stand up and change music, lighting, or temperature

Portrait of young woman practicing yoga indoor.

Ambient music helps to set the tone of the room with light music playing in the background

It's time to relax and let us handle the rest

Upgrade your pool / spa / sauna Now

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Proper lighting will increase safety and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Check out all of the lighting options for your smart home.


Upgrade your pool / spa / sauna with ambient audio to immerse yourself into the relaxing atmosphere you are creating

Outdoor Tech Solutions

Look at all of the outdoor technology solutions that we offer. You can bring all of the conveniences of the indoors, out.