Here’s How Virtual Reality Can Help to Imagine Your Future Home or Office Space

Did you know that virtual reality existed before we even had a name for it? Some believe that 360-degree panoramic paintings from as early as the 19th century were intended to act as a type of virtual reality for the time, while others are more inclined to think that Charles Wheatstone’s research on the stereoscope in 1838 is a more accurate starting point. But regardless of when this smart technology first originated, today’s versions are remarkably changing the way we live, work, and play in so many ways.

What is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that you can interact with in what is seemingly a real or physical way by using special electronic equipment. Oftentimes, this type of equipment comes in the form of a headband or helmet with a screen inside, as well as gloves or controllers fitted with sensors to pick up on your body’s movement. 

How is VR Technology Commonly Used?

If you’ve never experienced VR technology firsthand, you’re in for a real treat. This smart tech makes you feel immersed in your surroundings, despite only wearing a headset device. 

Perhaps VR’s most well-known usage comes from the gaming world. In 1991, we started to see virtual reality devices that the public could access via arcade games and machines. By 1993, VR headsets were starting to become a household item. Today, VR headsets have become much more reasonably priced and much more technologically advanced than ever before. And because of all of this, many other industries beyond the gaming realm are utilizing the technology in various ways. 

For example, construction companies have started utilizing computer-generated imagery (CGI) to draw up plans. Similarly, interior designers and architects are moving away from outdated, hand-drawn plans and designs and using the latest technology to bring their visions to life. 

VR Redefines How You Imagine Your Space

Eco Smart Home Pros takes things a step further by offering VR design services to create CGI renderings of spaces with the added dimension of a 3D scale. Our clients are able to “stand” in the middle of a room and rotate around to see the whole picture, getting a true idea of what their space will look like upon completion. 

This is incredibly helpful for many who may not be able to visualize a room via photos or drawn up design, allowing you to step inside the room and see exactly how things are going to work together. This is also invaluable from a design standpoint because it helps to avoid issues with the initial design without waiting until the end of a project to make necessary changes. 

VR Technology in Commercial Versus Residential Projects

Eco Smart Home Pros highly recommends utilizing our unique VR design service, particularly when dealing with a large scale project. It’s beneficial for both parties to understand the full weight of a project and align expectations right from the start. 

In residential home theater projects where televisions will need to be mounted and speakers placed around a room, VR tech can really help to eliminate problematic placement requests, and allows the client to see a few variations of options before making a concrete decision. 

For example, if a client requests a television mounted above a fireplace, virtual reality can help to show them exactly how high that will be. It then allows us to see if doing so will place the TV at an awkward height, and help to see if there is a more optimum level in that space. 

For commercial projects virtual reality technology helps to measure out displays and pieces of technology at an even spacing. By allowing us to measure and design an office area based on the builder’s plans rather than needing to wait for the physical space to be built, VR can help get the technology footprint design phrase rolling well in advance. Plus, the less site visits required, the more cost savings the client will have in their pockets. 

The VR platform also gives our team a point of reference to use during the installation process. This enables us to see things like distances, bill of materials, etc., and makes it that much more seamless during the final installation stage when everything needs to be put exactly into place.  And, if a client just wants to share these drawings with other vendors, such as an electrician or contractor, we can email them directly to the requested vendor. 

Doing this is very beneficial for the project as a whole because it ensures that all your contracted vendors are on the same page as one another, and have shared important information about where things will be going and where wiring needs to be considered during the construction stage. 

Eco Smart Home Pros Uses ModusVR Technology

We here at Eco Smart Home Pros utilize ModusVR technology for our VR design services for a number of reasons. Beyond being the leader in the industry, ModusVR makes solutions specifically for A/V integrators (such as ourselves), offering a dedicated platform that makes our lives that much easier. By working with a variety of manufacturers that ESHP provides, it was a no-brainer to leverage this technology during our design stage. 

See Your Dreams with Eco Smart Home Pros

We’re proud to offer a virtual reality design service that sets your project off on the right foot, from start to finish. By helping you to step inside your design, we can help you decide on the perfect final product before construction even begins. This saves everyone time, money, and frustration, and goes above and beyond to meet your expectations. 

This design service can be presented in-person or via video call, during which we can manipulate the design of a room in real time, creating the perfect final product by the end of the discussion. Learn more about our design services or shoot us an email at directly to talk more.

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