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In recent years, both our homes and our workspaces have gotten so much smarter. Today, these spaces are so much more than the four physical walls that keep us warm (or cool!), dry, and safe. Now, these commercial buildings are able to use smart technology to automate everyday tasks, and the benefits really speak for themselves. 

What’s a Smart Building?

A smart building is a space that utilizes automated processes to control the building’s everyday operations, such as heating and cooling, lighting, security, and other digital systems. By using sensors, cameras, and digital technology, business owners are able to improve their commercial spaces’ overall usefulness and energy efficiency, cutting costs and saving money over time. 

And these commercial technology solutions offer a variety of benefits to both the business itself as well as its employees. Let’s see how:

When in Doubt, Automate Where You Can

Integrating smart technology into your commercial and business space can help to reduce your reliance on manual labor via employees and automate many processes in your business for a streamlined system. 

Things like lighting, temperature, security systems, door locks, and so much more can be easily controlled via your smart device regardless of whether you are on-site or off!

Adding smart automation to your commercial building technology portfolio takes the guesswork out of everyday tasks and helps keep your business running smoothly around the clock. 

Music To Your Ears

Don’t sit in silence all day! Did you know that listening to music in the workplace can help employees to better focus on their work, absorb detailed information, stimulate creativity and increase overall happiness?

Audio installations are the perfect touch to making your commercial building feel more like home, adding ambiance and warmth throughout the space. And the speakers don’t always need to be the focal point of your office: we’ve got plenty of speaker options that can blend into their surroundings or enhance the overall look you’ve chosen for your workspace. 

Then, it’s as easy as clicking “play” on your smart device to start the music or background noise and get those creative juices flowing!

Digital Displays 

Ready to show off your products and services in a bright, tech-savvy way? Gone are the days of marquee signs and other outdated advertising solutions. Today, you can keep your latest products and services updated and easy to see on both indoor and outdoor digital displays

Want to boost morale? Consider adding a television in the employee break room to help them stay current on the latest news, shows, and sports events during their downtime on the job. 

Weather-resistant outdoor televisions are also a great addition to any outdoor space, especially in restaurants or waiting areas to entertain your customers while they wait to be seen. 

Pair your new digital display with the best satellite television service available — Eco Smart Home Pros partners with DISH to offer TV and fiber internet services that seamlessly integrate with all of your smart commercial technology. 

Energy Management & Savings Solutions

Let’s save your business even more money by making it the most energy efficient it can be! Here are some easy ways to integrate sustainable technology that keeps your business eco-friendly, year-round.

Automated lighting solutions that save extra energy by auto-detecting when lights need to be turned on or off. Plus, LED light bulbs use less energy than older, incandescent or halogen equivalents, so make sure your light bulbs are upgraded.

Eco Smart Home Pros Tip → While a standard light switch only saves energy in the “off” position, dimmer switches can save energy 24/7! And dimmers reduce the heat produced by the bulb, potentially resulting in up to 20 times longer of a lifespace for a bulb! It might be time to make the “switch”. 

smart building technology

But smart lighting is so much more than just energy efficiency to contribute to a sustainable business. Lighting directly affects a person’s mood, including one’s alertness, energy levels, and potential to develop headaches more easily. Each of these elements can directly impact your team’s productivity levels and overall morale. 

Pair these lighting solutions with smart shades to keep the temperature levels in the building at an optimal range at all times. And does your business care about Green Certification? Our sustainable smart technology options can contribute to 46 out of the possible 110 points in LEED v4. 

Heating & Cooling Control

Raise your hand if you’ve had a silent battle over the thermostat at the office because you were either too hot or too cold. Believe us, we’ve all been there. Smart thermostats are changing the game when it comes to who’s in control of the temperature! Now you can remotely control things from your smartphone or device, even when you’re out of the office. WiFi-enabled smart thermostats can also be programmed to alert users if unexpected temperature changes ever occur, saving you from a surprise bill at the end of the long weekend!

Plus, smart technology takes the time to understand your business so it’s perfectly programmed to be as efficient and comfortable temperature-wise throughout your commercial space. These thermostats are more efficient than conventional ones, so your business saves energy and money around the clock. 

Security & Video Solutions

Safety and security of both your office space and your employees should be your top priority as a business. 

First, you want to provide your dedicated employees with a safe space to work, regardless of the time of day or night, but you also want to protect your physical space from unexpected circumstances. This is especially true if your commercial space is home to client or customer confidential information and records or expensive and important tech equipment. And it’s not just theft to consider, but other unexpected situations such as fire or floods that can impact your physical business from running smoothly. 

Leverage smart security cameras and systems to see who is coming and going from the building at all times, regardless of where you might be at any given time. With the right system, your smart cameras can even send you an email of a picture when it detects motion in its view. 

The most important benefits of a comprehensive smart security system for your smart building are: 

  • Burglary prevention including mail, personal belonging from employee personal vehicles, etc. 
  • Total privacy with the ability to share user access as needed with others
  • Connection of security systems with other smart technology installed throughout the office space (such as a smart thermostat, smart lights, etc.) for total control
  • Peace of mind for your entire team

Eco Smart Home Pros works with a wide range of security system manufacturers and even offers options that are TAA compliant for certain government buildings, as well as a Greenline series for compliance within the cannabis industry. 

Commercial Building Technology That’s Connected

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to connect to the internet – particularly when your business primarily depends on being connected!

With the right networking, you won’t have to worry about spotty coverage or connections in your commercial space. As you move throughout the building, you will be automatically switched to the access point that gives you the strongest, fastest connection. No more dead zones or waiting to reconnect to the internet after an outage. And, thanks to range extenders, you’ll always be connected with the fastest networking speeds available!

Eco Smart Home Pros also offers service plans that monitor and update your network automatically so we can quickly address any issues that may pop up. 

First Step to Building a Smart Business

At first, it can feel intimidating to upgrade your commercial space with the latest technology. After all, the smart tech market has a lot of options to choose from! That’s why working with a team of professionals who are trained and experienced in designing and installing smart ecosystems in a variety of settings. 

Eco Smart Home Pros has the right tools, resources, and industry knowledge to recommend the right solution for your commercial building. This customized approach will ensure that all of your smart systems will work well together and can be easily and remotely managed from your smart devices. Let our certified programmers, installers, and computer networking specialists plan the perfect workspace for your business – so you can work smarter, not necessarily harder, to see the results that matter. 

It’s always important to do your research first, but if you’re interested in learning more about getting started, let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to get started.